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Mobile Color Match

4.2 ( 9952 ratings )
Jeux Arcade
Développeur Ahmed Walid I Abuarjah

Mobile Color Match is a fun mini arcade game that can be addictive, it helps you test your body reflexes and improve them by time, so play with your friends and family to see who have faster reflexes.


- Players select a segment color at the beginning,
then try to match all the segments on the disc
to the same color, one segment at a time.

- As the player reaches each new segment,
it begins changing colors.

- Players must use their reflexes to stop the color
on the same color they are trying to match.

- Colors will change faster the further
the player progresses.

New features in progress:
- Achievements
- Leaderboard

New features in the future:
- History
- New UI & Graphics
- Game Server to store each user Coins amount and implement other online features